Ditch the Diet, Embrace “Crowding Out”

By May 16, 2017Blog, Uncategorized

Do you feel tired, a bit bloated and overweight, scattered, irritable or stressed? Stop pushing through your day accepting that these issues are normal and will resolve themselves. Take the time to re evaluate what is physically and emotionally happening to you.

We all have bad days when we feel stressed, irritable or unhappy about how our clothes fit. We can find ourselves in a downward spiral of self deprecating talk, feeling blue & overwhelmed. We begin by depriving ourselves of food & embracing the latest diet or taking medications that numb us to what is really transpiring. STOP & DITCH the DIET!! Fight for your Good Health!!

Don’t believe that deprivation is a healthy approach to anything!! Embrace the concept of “crowding out.” The natural process that occurs when you add more of the good foods in first.

The more healthy foods you add to your existing diet, the less room you will have for junkand the more sensitive your palette will become to ultimately appreciating a greater variety of healthy ingredients. You will literally “crowd out” the unhealthy foods until you reach a sustainable diet that makes you feel GREAT!!

Start with these 3 tips:

1) Begin by eating more vegetables. Don’t think about what you can’t have. Expand your shopping list to include more nutrient rich foods that help your body thrive. Experiment with different flavors, colors and recipes. ( A tremendous source of recipes for every food can be easily sourced on line.) Take note of what you do like and don’t like. If you don’t like beets or bok choy don’t force it. If broccoli and carrots taste good, then make them part of your eating plan.

2) Seek healthy alternatives for your favorite foods. There are so many great alternatives available that are healthy and  nutritious. Have a sweet tooth? Try dark chocolate or dried cherry/ almond bars instead of a conventional candy bars. Craving chips? Try baked beet or sweet potato chips. Love pasta? Try spiralized zucchini noodles, that you can make in minutes or buy ready to cook. I promise you will not be forcing these on yourself, as the savory flavors become a welcome part of your daily meal planning.

3) Go at your own pace. Diets that have strict timelines are intended to create results that are quick, but not lasting. If you are truly focused on health and happiness that lasts a lifetime, don’t put unnecessary restrictions on yourself. Implement changes at a pace that works for you. Try a new veggie that you may come to enjoy. Substitute carrots & whole pea pods & hummus for an afternoon snack instead of chips. Toss out three unhealthy things from your pantry a week. Keep a food journal. Do something that brings you joy once a week! Keep moving forward even if you are taking baby steps. It only takes 28 days to create a habit!!

“Crowding out” can take time, but it is more effective than conventional dieting. Adding good foods to your diet will spill over into other areas of your life; such as fitness, professional endeavors, relationships and spirituality.

So “Ditch the Diet”and embrace “ Crowding Out”. It will be a positive change to optimizing your health and well being.

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