Clean Eating While Traveling

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Clean Eating & Travel Tips….

Getting ready for your trip…

The summer travel season is upon us.  Whether it be road trips, air travel, weekend camping or longer stays it is important to take the time to set the stage for eating clean food during your travels.  There are simple steps that will eliminate the fear of hunger & the temptation of eating a pre made, calorie laden sandwich you buy while going through the airport to your gate. It is also important to pack a few items that will keep your self care a priority. 


~ Energy bars such as Larabars or homemade (contact me for our special recipe…yummie!)

~ Nuts , healthy trail mix and seeds

~ Beef jerky

~ Hard boiled eggs

~ Cut up veggies such as celery, carrots, sliced peppers

~ Apples, plums, apricots, nectarines, grapes

~ Bottled water or tea

~ Almond butter packets

These are portable, easy to carry somewhat non perishable items that always taste great on the road or even during your workday.

Self care items…

~ Airborne

~ Probiotics.. keeps the digestive tract happy

~ Vitamins or supplements you normally take

~ Wipes to keep those germs at bay or clean up after a snack.

~ Journal…If that is part of your morning routine

~ Download an exercise app of your choice so you can stay active and keep the blood flowing through to your joints. Ex- 7 Minute Workout

~ Download a meditation app…ex. Mind Space that will walk you through easy meditations tips that you can engage in while standing in line or waiting  at the gate.

~ Lavender sachets for suitcase or inside pillow case. Promotes relaxation. Also, good for meditating.

~ Rosewater or lavender spray to spritz on skin or cleanse the air around your seat on the airplane. ( I have my grandsons addicted to these.)

~2 Lemons.

~Running or workout shoes.

~ Seneca to keep that elimination system in balance.

Clean Eating & Self Care while traveling…….

~ Awaken & take several deep breaths. Breathing in to a count of  4 hold 7, release to a count of 8. It is very relaxing but will help you settle into a balanced intention for the day. Repeat 4 times. This exercise can be repeated when you awaken during the night . You should fall back to sleep more easily.

~ If meditation & or journaling is part of your morning routine, now is the time.

~ Follow with 8 oz of  warm water & a squeeze of  ½ lemon . Use the lemons you have packed & keep an eye out for them to buy while traveling.   Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has incredible benefits. It will flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body.

~ There are many ways to exercise while traveling.  You just have to commit to doing it. There are gyms & studios everywhere for any type of exercise. However, If you don’t have the time, I have found the 7 Minute Workout , which  you can download; to be easy, fast & one you can incorporate in any schedule. You can even do it twice a day. Getting out for a run or brisk walk is also great.  Getting to know your surroundings is part of travel  It is amazing how much you can observe on a walk. Whatever you choose, it is important to get the blood circulating because our systems don’t function the same when we are traveling.

~ If on a schedule, plan your time wisely.  Awake earlier if possible to have extra time to complete your morning ritual

~Whether biz or pleasure don’t turn on your devices until you get through your morning routine.

~Before travel unsubscribe to any unimportant emails.

~Show gratitude for staying healthy while you are traveling.

~Put yourself in a friendly frame of mind. Those you come in contact with will respond with kindness. You will get what you want in a much more timely manner.

~ For any meals choose wisely.  Unless you are on an active vacation, there is normally a lot of sitting involved. Stay away from gluten & carbs.

~Breakfast- I would suggest an omlette with veggies.

~Lunch – A salad with protein. Chicken, beef, salmon or tofu.

~ Dinner- Veggies, salad & protein.

I know that sounds repetitive but normally those are the best & easiest choices . Whether eating in restaurants or creating your own on the road foods, there are many nutritious options available.  It is easy to derail when traveling , so choose wisely. Treat yourself to dark chocolate, if you like, as a treat at night. Don’t starve your self… you always have your travel snacks.

Remember to stay hydrated by drinking water instead of calorie filled drinks.

Relax & enjoy your travels.  Traveling offers new experiences; exposure to new people & a variety of foods you my not normally eat.  Embrace the opportunities & excitement that travel brings.

We at Healthy Living Simplified wish you a healthy summer of adventure.  Email us for the recipe for our delicious & easy to make Date/Almond bars.

Bon Voyage!!

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